Indoor & Outdoor Plant Supplier in Delhi

Plant Supplier in Delhi, Indoor & Outdoor Plant Supplier in Delhi, Garden Plant in Delhi, Nursery Plant Supplier in Delhi. Krest Greens supplies various plants in Delhi to its esteemed customers. Plants are supplied as per requirement, space availability, sunlight availability and available budget.
Plants can be categorised in the following categories:

a) Air Purifying Indoor Plants
Areca Palm Plant
Araceae Palm Plant
Peace Lily Plant
Fern Plant
Snake Plant
Syngonium Money Plant
Zamia Palm Plant
Red Valentine Plant
Spider Plant

b) Indoors Plants
Snowhite Plant
Anthurium Plant
Money Plant
Pearl Plant
Aglaonema Plant
Bamboo Palm Plant
Zebra Plant
Lipstick Plant
Croton Plant
Rubber Plant

c) Outdoor Plants
Ficus Plant
Phoneix Palm Plant
Umbrella Palm Plant
Raphis Palm Plant
Royal Bottle Palm Plant
Silver Palm Plant
Fishtail Palm Plant
Foxtail Palm Plant
Date Palm Plant
Starlite Ficus Plant
Long Ficus Plant
Black Ficus Plant
Trothic Ficus Plant
Yellow Champa Plant
Red Champa Plant
Pink Champa Plant
White Champa Plant
Plumeria Plant
Bonsai Plant
Budha Bamboo

d) Flower Plants
Rose Plant
Sadabahar Plant
Mogra Plant
Jasmine Plant
Gandhraj Plant
Raat ki Rani Plant
Bougainvilla Plant
Paarijat Plant
Madhu Malati Plant
Almunda Plant
Krishna Plant
Gainda Plant
Guldavari Plant
Hibiscus Plant
Chandani Plant
Kaner Plant
Tecoma Yellow Plant
Euphorbia Plant
Fittonia Plant
Gazania Plant
Daisy Plant
Dahlia Plant
Dog Flower
Denthus Plant
Karan Dola Plant
Nine O'clock Plant

e) Useful Plants
Italian Basil
Curry Leave Plant
Mint Leaves
Stevia Plant
Lemon Grass Plant
Elaichi Leaves Plant
Celery Plant
Neem Plant
Aloe Vera Plant
Naagdon Plant
Ashwagandha Plant
Rajani Gandha Plant
Har Shingar Plant
Tulsi Plant
Pathar Chatta Plant
Safed Aak Plant
Sada Bahar Plant
Camphor Plant
Mango Plant (Hybrid)
Lemon Plant
Fig Plant
Cheeku Plant
Guava Plant
China Orange Plant
Grapes Plant
Pomegranate Plant
Kinnu Plant
Seedless Lemon Plant
Tomato Plant
Brinjal Plant
Chilli Plant

f) Plants for religious purpose
Shyama Tulsi
Rama Tulsi
Bargad Plant
Peepal Plant
Pilkhan Plant
Shami Plant
Rudraksh Plant
Kalpvriksh Plant
Banana Plant
Crassula Plant
Vidya Plant
Datura Plant

These plants can be gifted on birthday, anniversary of near and dear ones. It can also be a wonderful corporate gift for your clients.
Krest is a well-established brand serving corporate and residential clients since 24th April, 2012. Management team at Krest is well qualified and has vast experience to manage the business in professional manner.
Krest Greens has a centralised call centre to manage customer enquiries. We also offer three-tier escalation matrix to solve all your queries and feedback.

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