Indoor & Outdoor Vertical Garden Services in Delhi

Vertical Gardening Services in Delhi, Indoor & Outdoor Vertical Garden Design Setup Cost in Delhi, Vertical Garden Installation & Consultants Services in Delhi. Krest Greens provide professional indoor and outdoor vertical garden set up services in Delhi and maintenance services for homes, offices, factories and we also provide Vertical Garden Services in Delhi for commercial establishments.

Vertical gardens in Delhi are living green walls. It can be as small as a photo frame or as big as a 60 feet wall masterpiece.
Vertical garden can be placed in a lobby, living room or in an office in Delhi.

Krest Greens has expertise in building and maintaining indoor and outdoor vertical gardens in Delhi at your house or office. We provide our services for natural and artifical plants for your vertical garden in Delhi.

We provide option for manual irrigation and automatic irrigation system for vertical garden in Delhi. Automatic irrigation system can be activated from any place through mobile app.

Vertical garden can be made for any available space. It helps you to enhance the beauty of your office and home in Delhi in a limited space.

We supply planters and plants for vertical garden in Delhi. We also provide movable vertical garden in Delhi with high quality material for fabricating vertical garden.
Krest Greens also provides AMC services in Delhi for upkeep and maintenance of vertical garden.

Krest is a well-established brand serving corporate and residential clients in Delhi since 24th April, 2012. Management team at Krest is well qualified and has vast experience to manage the business in professional manner.

Krest Greens has a centralised call centre to manage customer enquiries in Delhi. We also offer three-tier escalation matrix to solve all your queries and feedback.

Benefits of Vertical Garden:

1. As the name suggests, verical gardens need little floor space. You can have vertical garden inside your home, office or factory.
2. Vertical garden enhances ambience by providing greenery at your office reception or living room.
3. Artifical vertical gardens are maintenance free.
4. Vertical gardens help in improving health and air quality, reduce noise pollution and stress.
5. Vertical gardens breaks redundancy in interiors and help in improving mood.
6. Vertical Gardens help in reducing cost of energy. Exterior and interior vertical gardens help in reducing temperature through evapotranspiration.

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